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National Breastfeeding Month 2020


From the USBC (United States Breastfeeding Committee): 

"On August 6, 2011, the USBC officially declared that August is National Breastfeeding Month

The 2020 National Breastfeeding Month theme is Many Voices United. Now, more than ever, we must come together to identify and implement the policy and systems changes that are needed to ensure that every family that chooses breastfeeding has the support and resources they need to succeed.

While 83 percent of U.S. infants receive breast milk at birth, only 25 percent are still exclusively breastfed at six months of age. Unequal access to breastfeeding supportive policies and environments have created persistent racial and ethnic disparities in breastfeeding initiation and duration. Our nation's families deserve better. Together, we can forge a brighter future." 

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