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Our members are the heartbeat of the North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition (NCBC) as they believe in the vision to have vibrant communities where breastfeeding and human milk feeding is a part of the fabric of life. Some are lactation consultants and nurses, others are academics and government workers, still others are parents, midwives, childbirth educators, doulas, massage therapists, physicians, and public health professionals. The energy of our diverse membership is the foundation for all the work we do to advance our mission. You can find our members actively participating in collaborative community work, creating environments of genuine breastfeeding support for families through areas like education and advocacy wherever they live in North Carolina. They take their commitment one step further to engage with people just like them across the state to make the vision a reality. What areas are NCBC members currently impacting?

  • Creating a space for parents to share experiences and connect with other parents across the state
  • Growing the field of lactation experts by offering IBCLC Scholarships
  • Hosting an annual educational lactation conference; bringing parents, advocates, and professionals from across the state together
  • Pioneering programs that center community support for breastfeeding families by training peer counselors in their own communities and connecting them to medical clinics who serve mothers and babies
  • Sponsoring 3 prestigious awards that compel outpatient medical clinics, inpatient birthing facilities, and businesses across NC to implement best practice that support and welcome breastfeeding
When you become a member you are saying yes to normalizing breastfeeding in North Carolina.
NCBC meetings are open to the public. Join us at our next meeting!

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Membership Details: NCBC Dues plus NCLCA membership = $25.00 Visit the NCLCA page for more info on the NC Lactation Consultant Association. Pay NCBC Dues Make a donation to NCBC

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  • Discount on NCLCA Annual Breastfeeding Summit
  • Professional development and leadership opportunities
  • Voting privileges
  • Eligibility to serve as an NCBC board officer
  • Eligibility to serve as an NCBC project committee chair
  • NCLCA membership included

How to Join

Please click to download our Membership Application 2020. You may e-mail the completed application form to and click here to pay your dues online. Alternatively, you may print the completed application and mail it with a check for your dues to the address listed on the form. Membership runs from January 1 to December 31. Applications received after October 1 will be rolled over to the next calendar year’s membership dues.

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