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Annual Breastfeeding Summit

Every year, NCLCA gathers together breastfeeding support practitioners and advocates to network, learn, collaborate, and organize vision. The Summit is more than a conference, and its participants gain more than CERPs. We are here to build our community, remove barriers, and increase breastfeeding rates and confidence in breastfeeding in North Carolina.

The 2020 NCLCA Breastfeeding Summit is coming to Wilmington, NC on June 8th, 2020!

“Making Connections with Changing Tides”

We will have our annual lactation science fair again and it will be even bigger and better than the past! The lactation science fair is a great way to show off your clinical skills, new research, IBCLE pathway programs, and new approaches to lactation that sets you apart.  Sign up now!

  • The State of the State is a presentation from the Division of Public Health about their breastfeeding support programs

  • Regional Break-Out Sessions divide participants into perinatal regions for visioning and resource integration

    • The visioning:

      • guides NCBC's meeting agenda in each region over the year

      • is the base of the next year's break-out sessions

  • The Science Fair offers a forum for all of us to share clinical techniques, research, ideas in advocacy and outreach, and breastfeeding support tools. Conference registration is discounted 50% for accepted presentations for one person. To submit your idea please fill out the form HERE . Ideas will be accepted on a rolling basis until April 1st. We can't wait to see what you have to share!