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Zip Milk

What is Zip Milk?

Zip Milk is a online community service of the North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition (NCBC), providing listings for breastfeeding resources based on five-digit ZIP codes. Click here to visit the Zip Milk website.

Who is listed on Zip Milk?

Professional Breastfeeding Supporters, Community Breastfeeding Supporters, WIC Program Coordinators, Infant Feeding Equipment and Supply Vendors, and Regional Breastfeeding Coalitions.

How can I support Zip Milk?

Help mothers find the help they need by purchasing Zip Milk magnets in bulk to give out to mothers upon discharge from your birthing facility!

  • $15 for 100 magnets

  • $70 for 500 magnets

  • $125 for 1,000 magnets

  • Shipping is $5.20 for up to 300

  • $10.95 for larger orders

To purchase magnets, just send an email request to



Become a Corporate Member of NCBC and get your first order free. Simply click “Join the NCBC” tab to pay your dues and receive the number of magnets associated with your membership level.

  • Bronze 50 magnets

  • Silver 200 magnets

  • Gold 1000 magnets

  • Platinum 5000 magnets

Our Thanks

NCBC would like to extend a special thanks to Geoff Green for his time and dedication in creating this resource for North Carolina.

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