COVID-19 Resources

The NCLCA is proud of the way lactation consultants across the state have continued to serve families during this public health crisis. We continue to represent your needs, and hope that you will reach out to us if there are ways that we can support you during this time.


The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, the CDC, and the World Health Organization are excellent sources of evidence-based guidance for clinicians. As of March 23, 2020, this is a summary of key recommendations for breastfeeding families:


  • It is not known if breastmilk can transmit the COVID-19 virus. In limited studies to date, the virus has not been detected in breastmilk.

  • The World Health Organization states that the role of breastmilk in transmitting other respiratory viruses is “insignificant.”

  • The World Health Organization states that a mother with the virus “could” continue breastfeeding her infant. The CDC recommends that mothers confer with their doctor to make an appropriate decision regarding whether to initiate or continue breastfeeding.

  • Whether breastfeeding or not, a mother with COVID-19 should wash her hands before each contact with her child, and wear a medical mask during all interactions with her child. If pumping or otherwise expressing milk, she should wash her hands before touching supplies, and ensure that all supplies are washed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


The CDC offers detailed guidance on appropriate personal protective equipment for clinicians caring for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. Please familiarize yourself with the entire CDC document and seek out training on appropriate donning and doffing of personal protective equipment (PPE). As of March 23, 2020, this is a summary of the key guidance:


  • Perform hand hygiene before and after patient contact, contact with contaminated items, and putting on and removing PPE.

  • Appropriate PPE includes the following:

    • Respirator (if available) or facemask

    • Eye protection

    • Gloves

    • Gowns


The following is a resource list created by the U.S. Lactation Consultants Association:








Thank you for your service to North Carolina’s families during this challenging time. You owe the same duty to yourself as you owe to your patients, so we encourage you to ensure your own physical and emotional safety as you provide lactation care.


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